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M2A is a MIDI file player that can simultaneously drive MIDI devices and the Arduino Mega2560 board. The program was created for the digital control of physical devices synchronized to music. Target devices include pipe organs, carillons, keyboard instruments, light shows, artistic installations, percussion ensembles and experimental acoustical instruments. The program runs on Windows computers (32 or 64 bit, XP SP3, Vista, 7, 8 and 10).


Program features:

  • Simultanous output to any MIDI device and an Arduino board.
  • Option to set active channels for the MIDI device and Arduino board independently.
  • Tempo and volume controls.
  • Automatic playlist sequencing through a file set of any length.
  • Save and restore playlists with active channel information.
  • User definition of a range of up to 68 MIDI notes with the option for transposition of out-of-range notes.
  • Package includes a utility for automatic correction of MIDI files to account for mechanical response times.
  • MIDI note number determines the activated Arduino digital pin. Analog output gives the velocity values for current notes.
  • Option to hold notes by a) NoteOn/NoteOff signals or b) a user-defined interval (useful for percussion instruments).
  • Package includes a standard Arduino driver and a power-conserving driver for solenoids.

This video shows M2A in action.