First song

Development work on KBD-Infinity is on schedule for an August release. We passed a milestone this week, integration of components in the Performance Window to perform a complete song. In addition to illustrating features, the demo confirms that the program can generate a style accompaniment at the same time it follows multiple melody voices with […]

Connecting Yamaha keyboards to a computer

The functionality of an electronic keyboard is vastly enhanced if it is connected to a computer. Many resources (like accompaniment styles) are available, and there is a wide variety of free and commercial software to record performances, compose music or expand capabilities (the function of KBD-Infinity). Nonetheless, I noticed several Internet postings from people having […]

Recording computer sound card output

In a previous article, I reviewed procedures for recording keyboard performances using Audacity. With this program, you can record audio signals of any length to WAV files and export them as MP3 files. In many cases, it would be useful to record the output of your computer sound card (in other words, create audio files […]

Guiding style harmony in KBD-Infinity

When performing a piece using styles on a keyboard, the function of the left hand is to signal the harmony applied to the style notes. The required information is 1) the chord root note and 2) the chord type. The easy-chord (or two-finger) system for Yamaha keyboards makes it relatively simple to lead styles harmonically. […]