Stop the music

The Accompaniment Machine (AMac) is a performance-enhancement program for keyboards (such as the Yamaha PSR E423/E433). One of our goals in developing the program was to include features that greatly expand the capabilities of the digital keyboard. For example, with the program you can…

Store unlimited song setups Utilize the extensive set of styles available […]

Digital keyboard assistant completed

The Accompaniment Machine (AMac) has been extensively tested and revised since its release in October. All goals for the program have been met, and it is now in its final form. As with any software, the term final form is flexible. I anticipate minor bug fixes and refinements — hence, a program purchase includes free […]

FORTRAN95 Data Structures in Xojo

We are currently building an editor to create and/or to modify Yamaha-format[1] accompaniment styles. An effective way to store the content of a style section is as an array of notes, where each note is a data structure with several possible attributes. For example:

StartTime: absolute number of pulses from section start, integer Duration: length […]