Dividing MIDI-file events into measures

Our next project, Style Master, is a versatile editor for creating and modifying Yamaha-format style files. As a preliminary, we are building a general-purpose MIDI-file editor. Besides producing a useable program, this effort has two broader goals:

Experiment with musical data structures that resolve many of the drawbacks of MIDI for creative applications. Develop graphical […]

Using FileZilla with Computer Task Organizer

A previous blog article described our freeware utility Document Archive. We renamed the program as Computer Task Organizer (CTO) and expanded its capabilities. Working with a computer involves many redundant activities. Most of them require running a program and finding a file. In a typical work day, tasks may involve the same twenty files. Twenty […]

KBD-Infinity releases the Accompaniment Machine 2.0, companion for the Yamaha PSR E433

(Press release, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87192 U.S.A., February 1, 2014)

The Accompaniment Machine 2.0 (AMac) is a low-cost Windows program that provides rich enhancements to the popular Yamaha PSR E433 digital keyboard. The Yamaha instrument provides exceptional value, combining a keyboard with a high-quality synthesizer at a cost of only about $250. The compact, portable […]