Jazz style library for AMac

We have continued creating high-quality style libraries to include with an Accompaniment Machine icense purchases. The most recent is the Jazz Style Set, the ideal companion to the Ultimate Jazz Fake Book (Hal Leonard, Milwaukee). The set contains 352 unique styles, an ample resource to handle the 625 songs in the fake book. The set […]

How to make your computer sound like a typewriter, redux

In a blog last year (How to make your computer sound like a typewriter), I described how to add typewriter sounds to a computer keyboard using Jingle Keyboard freeware. I recorded a sound set from an IBM Selectric and made it available to use with the program. The article, which also touched on why you […]

Latin style library for AMac

After extended testing and revision, Version 3.0 0f AMac (The Accompaniment Machine) is stable and reliable. As in any program that must respond to complex real-time events, we anticipate making improvements and adding features in response to user suggestions. That’s why we give free updates.

With the program in hand, we have turned our attention […]