Tempo corrections in Style Master

I added a new feature to the Style Master in response to a problem I encountered creating an accompaniment to Memory by Andrew Lloyd Weber. The piece is in 12/8 time and there are few, if any, Yamaha-format styles available with this time signature. On the other hand, there are many available styles in 3/4 […]

Creative MIDI: flaws of the MIDI file format

This article is the fourth in a series outlining new MIDI data structures that enable creative digital music applications (e.g., composing, editing,…). This article discusses problems with the current MIDI file format. The following article outlines new standards based on the XML (extended markup language) concept.

To consider changes to MIDI, it is important to […]

Dividing MIDI-file events into measures

Our next project, Style Master, is a versatile editor for creating and modifying Yamaha-format style files. As a preliminary, we are building a general-purpose MIDI-file editor. Besides producing a useable program, this effort has two broader goals:

Experiment with musical data structures that resolve many of the drawbacks of MIDI for creative applications. Develop graphical […]