Installing KBD-Infinity programs using Windows or macOS

Program installation is quite simple. In Windows, use the Download link to retrieve the executable installer. Typically, you would save the file in your Download folder or on the Desktop. In Windows Explorer or other file manager, double-click on the installer icon. The operating system may ask for permission to proceed. Windows 10 may issue […]

MIDI File Organizer: new feature

MIDI File Organizer is one of the components of our MIDI Utility Pack. In addition to organizing and previewing your MIDI file, the program provides an effective method to organize data on your disks. The idea was to incrementally add all the features I ever wanted in a file manager. For example:

A clear and […]

Using FileZilla with Computer Task Organizer

A previous blog article described our freeware utility Document Archive. We renamed the program as Computer Task Organizer (CTO) and expanded its capabilities. Working with a computer involves many redundant activities. Most of them require running a program and finding a file. In a typical work day, tasks may involve the same twenty files. Twenty […]

Organizing your computer activities

An online business involves many redundant activities. For example, you may need to answer sales or technical inquiries, check instruction manuals, set up a download, or you may use standard text inserts in many E mail responses. Each activity involves running a program and finding a file, either on the computer or on the internet. […]

Yamaha Style Previewer

Coordinating Yamaha styles with your performances is one of the key functions of KBD-Infinity. There is a seemingly infinite set of style files in all genres that you can download from the Internet. Choices range from creations by individual musicians to complete style sets from almost every Yamaha keyboard manufactured. Converted styles for Tyros, Korg […]