AMac Christmas Collection

To celebrate the holidays, we expanded our library of ready-to-run Accompaniment Machine (AMac) sequences for Christmas songs. To review, a sequence is an accompaniment that runs in the AutoSequence mode of AMac. It includes a Yamaha-format style (including introductions, section changes, fills and endings), a chord sequence appropriate for the song, and voice settings if […]

FreeStyle: Yamaha-format style improviser for professionals

On January 1 we are releasing a new product, FreeStyle. With it, accomplished keyboardists can improvise sophisticated accompaniments using Yamaha-format style files [1] as MIDI loops. FreeStyle builds on the robust style reproduction engine that we developed for The Accompaniment Machine. Before describing the features of FreeStyle, it’s useful to point out the differences between […]

Digital keyboard assistant completed

The Accompaniment Machine (AMac) has been extensively tested and revised since its release in October. All goals for the program have been met, and it is now in its final form. As with any software, the term final form is flexible. I anticipate minor bug fixes and refinements — hence, a program purchase includes free […]

The Accompaniment Machine operation-sequence tips

During extended testing of the Accompaniment Machine (AMac) Performance window, we have confirmed that the idea of a prepared operation sequence with a single control key is effective. In the process, we have corrected some errors, fine-tuned capabilities and discovered some useful techniques. This article describes some changes we have made and reviews some techniques […]

First song

Development work on KBD-Infinity is on schedule for an August release. We passed a milestone this week, integration of components in the Performance Window to perform a complete song. In addition to illustrating features, the demo confirms that the program can generate a style accompaniment at the same time it follows multiple melody voices with […]