Manually creating a new file type in Windows

File types in Windows are designated by extensions (e.g., .txt, .html, .jpg, …). You can associate a file type with a specific program. Then, if you double-click on a file in MIDI File Manager or Windows Explorer, the file opens in the associated program. For example, my computer is set up to open files of […]

What is this thing called aftertouch?

Over the holidays I prepared a lecture and report, MIDI Programing with Xojo. The task gave me an opportunity to think about a broader issue: why is it so difficult to teach yourself new subjects rather than to take a class (meaning a real class in a classroom)? Of course, the elephant in the room […]

Organizing your computer activities

An online business involves many redundant activities. For example, you may need to answer sales or technical inquiries, check instruction manuals, set up a download, or you may use standard text inserts in many E mail responses. Each activity involves running a program and finding a file, either on the computer or on the internet. […]

MIDI voice file format specification

The MIDI voice-file is a compact entity for saving detailed information on sets of MIDI voice specifications (MIDI patches). Voice files are used in software like KBD-Infinity to define melody voices to be used with styles for song performances.

MIDI voice files have names of the form FilePrefix.MDV. Following the philosophy of style files, voice […]