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MIDI Utility Pack

The MIDI Utility Pack contains six programs invaluable to anyone who creates or uses MIDI files. MIDI Utility Pack instruction manual

MIDI Microscope
An essential utility for music students and digital musicians. MIDI Microscope helps you to understand the organization of MIDI files. The program displays the byte content of mid, kar or sty files in one window and gives an English translation of the MIDI events in another window. The translation can be exported as a text file. Clicking on an event in the translation window highlights the corresponding timing, status and data bytes. Conversely, clicking on a byte shows its function in the translation window. MIDI Microscope also plays the file content on any connected MIDI device. You can choose to play all tracks or selected tracks to show their contribution to the total sound.

MiniMIDI Player
A compact, fast and accurate MIDI file player. The program handles all Type 0 and Type 1 MIDI files. Output may be ported to any connected MIDI device.

MiniMIDI Recorder
A program to record your electronic keyboard performances and to save them as MIDI files. MiniMIDI Recorder features an easy-to-learn and reliable interface. Record from or play to any connected MIDI device. Use the built-in player to review a performance before saving. The program includes a metronome.

MIDI File Manager
A general-purpose two-window file manager with special features to organize MIDI files. The program has a clear and logical layout of controls that makes it quick to learn and easy to use. A unique Backup command makes it easy to synchronize files between computers via a USB drive. Several advanced functions are particularly useful for data organization (e.g., create text listings of directory contents, determine directory sizes, copy full file paths to the clipboard, launch a terminal window in the current directory,...). The program includes a built-in player to review the contents of MIDI files.

Tempus Fugit
A digital metronome for MIDI devices with several nice features: 1) audio and visual indicators, 2) customizable beat sound (volume, pitch and MIDI instrument), 3) output to any connected MIDI port and 4) output channel control to avoid interference.

MIDI Typer
The program converts between Type 0 and Type 1 MIDI formats with the option to remove System Exclusive messages and other non-musical information. Optionally, the program ensures that all voice specifications are General MIDI compliant.

MIDI Microscope screenshot
Screenshot of MIDI Microscope.