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Pancho manual
There are thousands of MIDI files available for download on the Internet, covering almost every popular song and classical work. If you wanted to perform a song, imagine you could grab it from the Internet and do the following:
  • Separate the musical data into solo and accompaniment files.
  • Change the range and key to match your instrument.
  • Modify the accompaniment instrumentation to achieve a special sound.
  • Create a printed score for your solo part.
  • Play the accompaniment on your computer or keyboard with measure synchronization for practice or performance
Sound amazing? You can do all this and more with the Pancho system and the tutorials in the Pancho manual. Rather than simply playing audio recordings, Pancho is a digital MIDI-based program. There are significant advantages:
  • You can make tempo changes without affecting the pitch.
  • You can store settings for accompaniments and run through an entire performance set automatically.
  • Most important, with the myriad of MIDI files available on the Internet, you can create scores and accompaniments with little effort and at no cost.
There are three components of the Pancho system:
  • MIDI Doctor, a utility for dividing and customizing MIDI files.
  • Step-by-step instructions for making printed scores of solo parts in your songs.
  • The Pancho program itself, an advanced MIDI player with a metronome, measure and beat counters and other features for practice and performance.
Pancho/MIDI doctor screenshot
Screenshots of Pancho and MIDI Doctor.