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Sound Management

Sound Management manual
Sound Management is an essential utility if you work with audio files (MP3, WAV, ...). It combines the functions of a versatile file manager, audio player/previewer and a playlist organizer. Here are a few of the things you can do with the program:
  • Point-and-click to play one or a group of audio files.

  • Quickly find lost sound files on your hard disk or USB drive.

  • Organize audio file collections.

  • Preview a file by skipping to different positions.

  • Point-and-click to create advanced playlists.

  • Find and adjust the total duration of file sets and playlists.

  • Make preview playlists to play sound file excerpts.

  • Backup sound file sets to USB drives, replacing any changed files.

  • Automatically run playlists in sequential or random order.

Sound Management screenshot
Sound Management main window.