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Style Master
Style Master instruction manual

Style Master is an essential utility for editing, correcting or creating keyboard styles. Styles are the built-in accompaniments included on keyboards from Yamaha, Korg, Roland, Casio and other manufacturers. Style files contain several sections of MIDI information: introductions, endings and main sequences. The performer controls the harmony and sequence of sections to give the sense of a backup group. The judicious use of styles can turn a simple tune into a professional-sounding piece. Styles in the Yamaha format are the most common types. Tens of thousands of styles created by Yamaha or independent developers are available in the form of binary files for free download or purchase on the Internet. These files may be loaded directly on Yamaha keyboards to supplement the internal set. With a program like the Accompaniment Machine, you can employ Yamaha styles with keyboards or synthesizers from any manufacturer. Style Master performs four key functions:

  • Tune and balance the voice settings of style channels. With this feature, you can optimize styles for your keyboard or create an entirely different sound.
  • Export a style as a set of standard MIDI files, one for each section (e.g., MainA, EndingB, FillBB,...). Conversely, import a set of MIDI files to create a style. With this feature, you can edit or create your own styles with any MIDI editor or digital workstation.
  • Make corrections like changing the tempo, volume or time-signature,
  • Bulk-convert complete style libraries (for any Yamaha keyboard in both SFF1 and SFF2 formats) to the device-independent PureStyle format. Compact PureStyle files are compatible with any Yamaha keyboard, computer soundfonts and software like the Accompaniment Machine.

[Style Master screenshot
Main window.

Style Master tune voice window
Voice adjustment window.