How does it work?

An upcoming article discusses a new educational freeware utility, the MiniMIDI Recorder. With this program, you can record the MIDI signals of a keyboard performance and save them as a general MIDI file. There are two differences from the built-in REC function of the PSR E423/433:

The file is created on your computer, not trapped […]

Lightning MIDI player

This article describes another step toward our goal of creating keyboard performance-enhancement software based on Yamaha styles. We have completed a module to interpret MIDI files, converting information to a set of timed MIDI signals to drive devices like the PSR E423 and 433 keyboards.

The MIDI file format evolved and congealed around 1991, a […]

MIDI Microscope

At KBD-Infinity, we are advancing through a one-year program to create performance-enhancement software for digital keyboards from Yamaha and other manufacturers. Our goal is to create high-quality, affordable software to transform standard keyboards to high-power workstations. In contrast to the often quirky and poorly-documented programs currently available, KBD-Infinity is being engineered by professional programmers with […]