Audio spectral analysis with VST plugins, continued

In the previous post, I described how to get ready to use the spectrum analyzer plugin MAnalyzer from MeldaProductions. The article described 1) how to install the VST shell program VSTHost for experiments with plugins and 2) how to obtain and install MAnalyzer. We’re now ready to start work.

Your keyboard should be running with […]

Audio spectral analysis with VST plugins

In a previous post, audio-oscilloscope-and-spectrum-analysis-software, I discussed options for measuring audio spectra, with application to characterizing digital keyboard synthesizers. In that article, I concentrated on standalone programs for Windows computers. By standalone, I mean that the programs operate autonomously, handling signal input from the soundcard.

In this article, I’ll cover the second class of available […]

Making USB drive letters the same on all your computers

It is often annoying when USB drives are assigned different drive letters (A:,B:,…,L:,…) when you plug them into different computers. With regard to KBD-Infinity, drive assignment changes can be a problem if you carry performance resources (like playlist and set files) between computers.

A fix is relative easy. First, pick a drive letter that will […]