Yamaha Style Previewer

Coordinating Yamaha styles with your performances is one of the key functions of KBD-Infinity. There is a seemingly infinite set of style files in all genres that you can download from the Internet. Choices range from creations by individual musicians to complete style sets from almost every Yamaha keyboard manufactured. Converted styles for Tyros, Korg […]

How does it work?

An upcoming article discusses a new educational freeware utility, the MiniMIDI Recorder. With this program, you can record the MIDI signals of a keyboard performance and save them as a general MIDI file. There are two differences from the built-in REC function of the PSR E423/433:

The file is created on your computer, not trapped […]

MIDI Microscope

At KBD-Infinity, we are advancing through a one-year program to create performance-enhancement software for digital keyboards from Yamaha and other manufacturers. Our goal is to create high-quality, affordable software to transform standard keyboards to high-power workstations. In contrast to the often quirky and poorly-documented programs currently available, KBD-Infinity is being engineered by professional programmers with […]