Connecting Yamaha keyboards to a computer

The functionality of an electronic keyboard is vastly enhanced if it is connected to a computer. Many resources (like accompaniment styles) are available, and there is a wide variety of free and commercial software to record performances, compose music or expand capabilities (the function of KBD-Infinity). Nonetheless, I noticed several Internet postings from people having difficulty with connections, and I recently received an inquiry about whether such a connection is possible.

This article reviews the procedure for Yamaha keyboards installed under Windows. The CD supplied by Yamaha has general installation programs in the root directory: start.exe, start_e.exe, start_j.exe. If you run one of these and choose the option to install the driver, a confusing set of instructions follows. It is simpler to run the driver installers directly — run setup.exe in the appropriate subdirectory (typical names,  USBdrv32, USBdrv63).

The setup process is a little peculiar — I expect the quirks are responsible for the problems people encounter. Normally, in Windows you install the drivers and then plug in the device — not so with the Yamaha software. Here’s the procedure:

  1. Connect the keyboard to the computer with a USB cable and turn on the power. Windows will sense the device and try to find a driver. It will fail and ask if you want to search for the driver. Do not search — just cancel out of the New hardware wizard.
  2. Run the appropriate setup.exe. Agree to everything. Ignore the Windows message that the software is insecure and will destroy your computer. Simply move forward to the end.
  3. You can check the installation by clicking on the Safely remove hardware tool. There should be an entry for the Yamaha USB-MIDI driver.

Important note: I discovered this when I tried to connect a DGX-640 keyboard to a computer which had drivers for a PSRE423 keyboard. The existing driver didn’t work. I ran setup.exe for the new keyboard and nothing happened  — the program did not run and there was no error message. The keyboard manual and the Yamaha site offered no guidance. In the end, I removed the PSRE423 driver and then the setup proceeded normally. Apparently, a computer can’t support drivers for two different Yamaha keyboards.


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