Creating AMac sequences with the ConText text editor

A text editor is the one of the quickest ways to create sequences for the Accompaniment Machine. A good editor can make many of your computer tasks easier. If you are using a primitive utility like NotePad, you owe it to yourself to move up. The good news is that you can get a great editor for free. ConTEXT is available at:

Syntax highlighting is useful feature. Figure 1 shows a ConText display of an AMac sequence with highlighting. Comment lines appear in a specific color in italics. Operations are shown in bold red, chord roots in bold blue and chord types in bold green. Syntax highlighting makes the display more readable. More important, it provides a crosscheck on data entry. If you mistype an operation or enter one that is not recognized, the word will not be highlighted.

Display of an AMac sequence in the ConText editor

Figure 1. Display of an AMac sequence in the ConText editor with syntax highlighting.

Here’s how to add syntax highlighting for AMac sequence files (FName.ASQ):

1. Download and install ConText.

2. Download this file: amac_sequence.chl.

3. Save it in the directory

C:\Program Files (x86)\ConTEXT\Highlighters\

4. Highlighting will automatically be applied to files with the suffix ASQ the next time you run ConTEXT. You can edit the chl file if you want to change colors or other properties.


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