Accompaniment Machine MIDI player

We have completed the MIDI Player, the second of the four main windows of the Accompaniment Machine program. This article summarizes its capabilities. Figure 1 shows a screenshot.

 Screenshot of the KBD-Infinity MIDI Player window

Figure 1. Screenshot of the KBD-Infinity MIDI Player window.

The control group in the upper left-hand side gives the option to choose a MIDI device for output. Usually, the device is your keyboard. The control-group below on the left-hand side constitutes a full-functioned file navigator. You can move between drives and anywhere on a drive to locate MIDI or karaoke files. Select one file or a group of files and click Add to list to add them to the current playlist, represented by the central listbox. The playlist is fully editable. You can add and delete entries and drag selections to change the order. You can also save or load playlists. A KBD-Infinity playlist (FPrefix.KPL) is a text file that gives the complete path of files on your hard disk to be played sequentially. Here is an example of the content:

* KBD-Infinity playlist file
C:\KBD Infinity\MIDIFileCollection\bagatelle_1_for_guitar_william_walton.mid
C:\KBD Infinity\MIDIFileCollection\bagatelle_3_for_guitar_william_walton.mid
C:\KBD Infinity\MIDIFileCollection\bagatelle_5_for_guitar_william_walton.mid

Playlist files can be managed through the program or modified directly with a text editor.

The command group on the right-hand side controls output of the contents of MIDI files in the playlist through the chosen device. You can set the following options:

  • Single selection: play a single selected file and stop.
  • Sequence to end: if there is a selected file, play that files and proceed sequentially to the end of the list. Otherwise, play the entire list in sequence.
  • Cycle: the same function as the Sequence to end command, except start at the beginning of the list continuously.
  • Random: continuously play selections from the list in random order.
  • Interval: set the time interval in seconds between selections.

If the MIDI or karaoke file contains a lyrics track, the lyrics are displayed in the box at the lower right. Words are added and highlighted in synchrony with the music. The lyrics box has two useful features:

  • Only the lyrics are displayed, without additional notices and warnings.
  • You can save the complete lyrics of a single selection or the last file in a sequence to a text file.


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