New AMac features

As a result of our continual testing of the Accompaniment Machine, we added two new convenience features to the Performance window (red arrows in Fig. 1). The first (on the left) is a tempo indicator, useful when you start a song with a melody pickup before starting the style. The challenge is playing the melody at the exact initial style tempo. When active, the dark part of the indicator shifts back and forth at the default style tempo. The indicator stops when the style starts to avoid confusion (intros and endings may include tempo changes). You can toggle activation of the tempo indicator using an entry in the popup menu or by pressing the F9 key.

New features in the AMac Performance window

Figure 1. New features in the AMac Performance window.

The second feature (right-hand side of Fig. 1) is the capability to save voice setups for a song in a standard MIDI voice setup file. Getting just the right sound may involve a lot of work. Use the Save voice set command to create a file that contains all regular and alternate voices. When working with a new song in the Performance window, load the file and use the entries for any standard or alternate voice. Another application is copying standard voices to the alternate set voice as a starting point for a modified orchestration.

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