New features in MiniMIDI Player

MiniMIDI Player (Figure 1), a component of the MIDI Utility Pack, is a compact program to play MIDI files. It provides a quick method to preview files and to determine their properties. We recently added some features to enhance its utility.

Screenshot of MiniMIDI Player

Figure 1. Screenshot of MiniMIDI Player

MiniMIDI Player can be used as a standard interactive program in a window. It can also be launched from the command line with the target file as the pass parameter. If MiniMIDI Player is defined as the Windows default program for the extension MID, it will launch when you double-click a MIDI file in Windows Explorer or other file manager. It also responds if you click on a link to MIDI file on the Internet in a browser. By default, in command-line mode the program closes after playing the file. If you want to repeat the play or load another file, click either the Play/Stop or Pause/Resume button. In this case, MiniMIDI Player exits command-line mode and stays active until you click the Exit button.

In addition to the MIDI file type and number of tracks, the program now displays the exact play duration in minutes and seconds including effects of tempo changes. Finally, we reduced the program footprint so it occupies minimal space on your desktop.


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