Some AMac improvements

We continually make small improvements and corrections to The Accompaniment Machine (AMac) in response to user suggestions. Here are some recent ones:

1) Style playback can be paused in the Auto Sequence and Performance modes in response to fermatas and N.C. designations in the score. In the Auto Sequence mode, a pause is applied when the performer presses the Control key. We added indicators to the Auto Sequence (Fig. 1) and Performance windows to show that the program is in the pause state and that playback is pending.

AMac Auto Sequence window with pause indicator

Figure 1. AMac Auto Sequence window with pause indicator.

2) The Style Equalizer dialog can be accessed from the Style Organizer, Performance and Auto Sequence windows. Previously, the channels were identified only by their function in a Yamaha-format style, sometimes making it difficult to determine the correspondence between the instrument sound and the channel. To help, we added a listing of the GM (general MIDI) program number and name (Fig. 2).

Channel equalizer dialog

Figure 2. Channel equalizer dialog.

3) A user noticed a problem using AMac in the Auto Sequence and Performance modes. Every time they pressed the Control key, the computer beeped. After some head scratching, I replicated the cause: there were two instances of AMac running, causing a MIDI conflict. The beep was generated by the operating system rather than the program. The advice: be sure to run only one instance of AMac. Note that you run AMac with Style Customizer, MIDI Doctor, MIDI Microscope or any other KBD-Infinity program without any problem.


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