Accompaniment Machine on digital pianos

Although AMac was designed for digital keyboards with a full complement of MIDI voices, the program is quite useful for digital pianos. We tested it recently on the popular Yamaha P125 (Fig. 1). There are two main differences between digital keyboards and pianos:

The physical keyboard of the digital piano provides a close simulation of […]

Creative MIDI: MIDI markup language

In the previous article, I discussed aspects of the current binary MIDI file format that are confusing and inflexible, particularly for applications intended to supplement or to edit the musical data. The one virtue of the format is that the information is highly compressed. This was an advantage in the 1980s when the format was […]

Creative MIDI: standard MIDI basics

MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) is the standard for exchanging musical information between digital instruments. In real-time applications, sequences of messages of two or more serial bytes are sent between devices or received at appropriate times to initiate reactions. Devices that are MIDI compliant recognize a standardized set of messages. Although the serial interface is […]

Creative MIDI: editors, sequencers and DAWs

This is the first in a series of articles on MIDI for creative applications. The acronym MIDI stands for Musical Instrument Digital Interface and refers to a venerable but viable standard to provide sequential instructions to synthesizers and other digital devices. By creative applications, I mean activities like composition, arrangement, computer-generated music,… where musical information […]

Standard keyboard accompaniment style libraries

The previous article described the Shape Shifter program used to organize large groups of style files appropriate for the Accompaniment Machine (AMac) and Yamaha keyboards. The function of the program is to convert ordinary style files to the compact, universal PureStyle format. After some tune-up to improve the identification of redundant files, we applied the […]

MIDI Microscope

At KBD-Infinity, we are advancing through a one-year program to create performance-enhancement software for digital keyboards from Yamaha and other manufacturers. Our goal is to create high-quality, affordable software to transform standard keyboards to high-power workstations. In contrast to the often quirky and poorly-documented programs currently available, KBD-Infinity is being engineered by professional programmers with […]