Tempo corrections in Style Master

I added a new feature to the Style Master in response to a problem I encountered creating an accompaniment to Memory by Andrew Lloyd Weber. The piece is in 12/8 time and there are few, if any, Yamaha-format styles available with this time signature. On the other hand, there are many available styles in 3/4 time. A simple solution to build a sequence for the Accompaniment Machine is to use a 3/4 style and to count each measure in the score as four measures. The style tempo must be boosted to about 180 quarter notes per minute to achieve the normal flow of the song. The procedure usually works for Main and Fill sections, but problems may occur in Intro and Ending sections. They often contain tempo-change messages to implement ritardandos or accelerandos. Such messages set an absolute tempo that does not match the tempo specified in the Style Master or the Accompaniment Machine. The result is that the song may slow to a crawl halfway through the ending.

To correct the problem, I added a new option in the Style MasterĀ  shown by the red arrow in Fig. 1. When Tempo clear is active, the program removes any tempo changes that occur in the style sections. The result is that all sections play at the same rate. In this case, in an Accompaniment Machine performance you have the option of adding relative ritardandos in an Ending by using the TempoChange or TempoSet commands of the Autosequence or Performance modes. The recording below illustrates the ending of the Memory accompaniment with and correction.

Main window of the Style Customizer

Figure 1. Main window of the Style Master. The red arrow shows the new TempoChange option.

Regarding a performance of Memory with the Accompaniment Machine, it’s easy to deal with the 6/8 and 10/8 measures that occur in the song. For the 6/8 measures, simply count the measure as two 3/4 groups rather than four. The 10/8 measure can be implemented by adding a OneBeat command at the third 3/4 measure of the 12/8 group.

This short recording illustrates the feature. The first section is the ending of an accompaniment to Memory with no correction. The second section is the result with tempo correction and a specified ritardando.


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