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KBD-Infinity programs help you get the most from your digital keyboard and MIDI equipment. The Accompaniment Machine 3.0 is a powerful system to create accompaniments for solo or group performancesto and to expand the capabilities of digital keyboards.Use thousands of available Yamaha-format styles to create custom accompaniments. Tune the styles for top performance on your hardware with the Style Voice Optimizer. The MIDI Utility Pack includes essential utilities for anyone who wants to learn MIDI or apply it in their performances. The inexpensive programs run on all Windows computers (32 or 64 bit, XP SP3, Vista, 7, 8 and 10).

The Accompaniment Machine

The Accompaniment Machine (3.0) is a sophisticated program to create accompaniments for solo or group performances and to boost the power of digital keyboards. The key is the programís ability to access the thousands of Yamaha-format keyboard styles available on the Internet — virtual backup bands for your performances. Watch the video for a quick introduction. Click here to download the program

(Windows XP users: download the MP4 file if the video will not play in your browser: Video download)

Style Voice Optimizer
Style Voice Optimizer screenshot

With the Style Voice Optimizer, you can fine-tune the instrumentation and channel volume balance of Yamaha-format keyboard accompaniment styles. This means that you can use the full range of styles available on the Internet:

  • Correct voices that may have been terrific on the arranger's keyboard but sound quirky or grating on yours.
  • Adapt styles for high-end Yamaha keyboards to moderate-price devices or those of other manufacturers.
  • Experiment with new instrument groupings to make your music more edgy or to achieve a distinctive sound.
The ability to control the voices of style files is like expanding your style collection by an order of magnitude. With a little effort, you can come up with just the right sound for any occasion or song.
Click here to download the program
MIDI Utility Pack

MIDI Microscope screenshot
The MIDI Utility Pack includes six essential programs for everyone who uses MIDI files. MIDI Microscope (shown below) shows the binary content of MIDI files cross-linked with text descriptions of the commands. MiniMIDI Player is a compact, fast and accurate MIDI file player. With MiniMIDI Recorder, you can record your electronic keyboard performances and save them as MIDI files. MIDI File Manager is a general-purpose two-window file manager with special features to organize MIDI files. Tempus Fugit is a digital metronome for MIDI devices with many advanced features. MIDI Typer converts MIDI files between Type 0 and Type 1 formats. Click here to download the package